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Kanban: The Follow-up

About 4 months ago we started using Kanban as a project management system for our team of system-engineers.
Although skeptical at first, everyone adopted the new system and soon we where working at cruising speed using our Kanban board.

In those 4 months a lot has changed

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Kanban: The Board

In my previous article Kanban: The Journey Begins I discussed the problems we faced in our team and how Kanban might be able to solve them. Now lets make the board

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Kanban: The Journey Begins


Working in a team of system-engineers can get pretty chaotic. Mostly because there are always several projects running at the same time. This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of parts of projects in system-engineering involve waiting. Waiting while installations are being done, waiting for a supplier to deliver a new piece of hardware, … And to fill those “waiting”-phases you simply start to work on something else, until that goes into a “waiting”-phase, and so on and so on. Resulting in an incoherent cloud of unfinished projects waiting for who-knows-what.

So to get a better grip on these projects I first tried to sum up all the problems with the current “project system”.

  • Several projects running at the same time
  • Bad communication between team members about what everyone is doing
  • Projects are intertwined. One project can require another project to be finished to go on
  • Project chains cause you to lose track of the initial reason you started the projects
  • Projects fall into oblivion in the “finishing”-phase resulting in the lack of follow-up and documentation

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