PowerShell: Write-Progress


I wanted to get a better indication of my scripts progression.
This would definitely be an improvement for the scripts that take several minutes (or even hours) to finish.


After a few web searches I stumbled upon the Write-Progress cmdlet.

The Write-Progress cmdlet allows you to display your scripts progression in a neat little progress bar, while your script is running.


This example script shows each item in a list.
The progress bar displays the current position relative to the total amount of items in the list.
The Sleep 1 is added so the progress bar is displayed long enough to be seen in this example.

$list = @("1","2","3")
Write-Progress -Activity "Working..." -PercentComplete 0 -CurrentOperation "0% complete" -Status "Please wait."
$total = $list.Count
$current = 0
foreach($item in $list){
	Write-Host $item
	Sleep 1
	[int]$perc = ($current/$total)*100
	Write-Progress -Activity "Working..." -PercentComplete $perc -CurrentOperation "$perc% complete" -Status "Please wait."
Write-Progress -Activity "Working..." -Completed -Status "All done."

The progress bar looks like this:


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